Monday, May 21, 2012

You Are Not Your Old Story

The Looking Glass
by Fernand Toussaint
Over the years, we’ve all created stories of who we are based on our circumstances, experiences and interactions with the world. These stories come from our own perceptions mixed with the opinions and ideas of others. We’ve internalized many of these to the extent that we believe them to be true, even if they’re falsehoods we've made our own.

We hold onto these stories because they’re familiar. They’re almost addictive in nature. We’re used to defining ourselves through them and there’s a real comfort in that. Where would we be without them and how will others react if we change our story now?

But these old stories distract us from living our best life based on what’s true for us. We must let go of what’s not real if we are to move into an authentic life of genuine purpose.

It may be hard to find the authentic story, but it’s there waiting for you to claim it. Think about your own story. What have you been telling yourself for all these years? Is it one that aligns with who you really are? Or is it a one that you’ve allowed yourself to believe for a myriad of reasons, all of them very human?

Exercise – Start to Create Your True Story: 
Clarify in a few sentences, either in your mind or on paper, what you’ve allowed yourself to believe about who you are up to this point. Thank the old story for being a good friend throughout the years, one that’s helped you navigate through life. Then let it go.

Reflect on who you really are and what you truly desire. Realize that in this moment, in any moment, you have the power to write your new story based on who you really are. 

A new story begins with new thoughts, It is a vision for yourself. Create a new and authentic story now, one that brings positive energy motivates and inspires you.

Realize that in this moment, in any moment, you have the power to create a new story. God will be at your side as you do so. You are opening the door to an authentic life.

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