Saturday, May 26, 2012

Show Up, Believe and Keep Asking

By Ida Rentoul Outhwaite
Despite all we might do to keep our vibration up, our thoughts positive and our connection to Spirit alive, we still have days where we feel life is coming at us from all sides. And when it does we can feel stuck, confused and very alone.

At these times, let the Universe know you’re looking for answers about what's going on in your life. Ask: “What do I need to understand about what’s happening?” “What do I need to see here?” A perfect time to do this is during your time spent in quiet meditation and prayer each morning.

Going to sleep with a concern or question in your mind is also a good idea. During the night, not only is your physical body asleep but your ego mind is as well. This puts you more in tune with your intuitive guidance.

Let the Universe know that you’re ready and willing to know the truth about a given situation. Getting a response might take a day, a week or longer – but the insight will come.

It will feel like you’re standing at a door and knocking - and then knocking some more. You’ll need to be patient, calm and believe. But when the clarity finally arrives, it will feel like a precious gift. You will experience a relief and a knowing. The door will have opened to a deeper understanding of yourself and of life.

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