Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Release the Fear

This post marks the beginning of something new for us. For almost a year we've invested ourselves, and every moment we could find, into writing our first book together. The Gift of a Spiritual Practice is now complete and available to readers.

We've tried to put the best of ourselves into this project. As we've written about reclaiming lost connections to self and Spirit, we've had to find the courage to put ourselves out there. The completed book brings warm feelings of accomplishment and joy. But feelings of trepidation and fear have recently crept into the picture.

The doubting has begun. Was what we created good enough? Will it truly be of help to others? Did we reveal too much of ourselves?

Fear is part of being human. We need to allow ourselves to feel that fear while, at the same time, releasing it and moving forward. Every single journey begins with a decision to take that first step. Feel the fear, but don't let it stop you.

Neither one of us are big fans of 2012 pop music. But we find the song Firework by Kate Perry very inspirational and spot on.

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