Saturday, May 26, 2012

Be Grateful for Who You Are

By Nicolai Fechin
When we make the decision to live with a thankful heart, something magical begins to happen. No matter what, the gifts are always there. Spend time each day looking for and acknowledging them (a gratitude journal is always a good idea). Then watch as your life slowly transforms into one of joyful abundance.

Don’t just look around you - be sure to look within yourself as well. Remember to be grateful for your wonderful gifts. Seeing the best in yourself is not something you may be used to or are comfortable with. As you spend time making the connection to your truest self through your spiritual practice, you’ll get better at it. And that’s a good thing, for truly appreciating who you are is vital to living a life that radiates from the heart.

God creates each of us with special gifts that are uniquely ours – and each one of them is your gift to the world. It’s always nice when others notice, but they need to be recognized, appreciated and treasured by you. Perhaps it’s your kind heart, your sense of humor or your ability to be a good listener. It’s time to embrace these gifts, whatever they might be, and let them truly shine.

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